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Thamizhum Naanum is one of the iconic performances of the Chennai Music Season featuring Ace Carnatic Vocalist, Sangita Kalanidhi Shri Sanjay Subrahmanyan. This exclusively curated classical music experience, dedicated to Thamizh Krithis had its first staging in 2018. With four full-house shows at the Music Academy and a well-received virtual shows in the previous years, the concert is back in the fifth edition.

The ancient language finds the singer in his elements, as he offers classic Thamizh compositions in tandem with those that he assiduously mines of composers whose works have not seen the light of day. His repertoire is vast and varied and an unending work in progress. He delights us with the unpredictability and newness of what he chooses to sing.

He had showcased several composers of Thamizh songs which include the Alwars, M.M. Dandapani Desigar, Samuel Vedanayagam Pillai, Doraiswami Kavi, Mazhavai Chidambara Bharathi, Kavi Kunjara Bharathi, Shuddhananda Bharathi, Subramania Bharathi, Mayuram Viswanatha Sastry, the Sirkazhi Moovar and Ramaswami Sivan. These have helped Carnatic audiences resonate with the lyrics and become aware of how much variety there is among Thamizh songs. A unique combination of tradition and modernity in his concerts is what makes the fans throng to his performance every year.



30th OCT - 9th DEC, 2023


1Oth DEC, 2023


6:30 PM To 9:00 PM

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